I was fortunate enough to be invited to listen to activist Chris Lubbe in Liverpool last week. He was Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard. He told the most defying story of his upbringing, torture and apartheid (segregation/apart on the grounds of race) in South Africa. The audience was full of tears.
Chris’s purpose in life is to take Mandela’s legacy forward and educate, embrace debate and discussion and to unite our differences. You see there is so much correlation in today’s society. We all judge each other every minute of the day. As soon as we judge, we just build separation and segregation, which is the lowest form of development. When we get stuck in a polarised view, we cannot see the point of view from the other side or the perspective. Any ‘ISM’ worth living is always worth questioning.
We can learn so much from the past. As human beings our purpose is to contribute to the planet and society as much as we can while we have our physical body. You see we can all make a difference. When the body is in good health, it has the ability to use its own innate wisdom and superpowers to be extraordinary developed human beings. When we are not in good health, our thoughts and emotions rule out of control and we follow the flock for fear of being different. To remain silent in life is the biggest killer of all. The weak will always follow, the strong will always lead.
Everything starts with our love for ourselves. You cannot have meaningful relationships with others, until you have a meaningful relationship with yourself. Consumerism chases us every minute of the day. We are shown what to wear, what to buy, what to eat, what to drive, how to medicate and how to live by big corporations and governments. No marketing or adverts on beings at peace with oneself, meditation, diet, exercise, hydration, mindset, breathwork and movement.
Being a good listener is always the first step. You see for the past two years I have rarely seen governments and corporations listening to the people. Like in Mandela’s time, the media does not show the full picture or story. Nelson Mandela taught that forgiveness is the biggest attribute than any human being can have. It’s not about accepting the behaviour of the other person was correct. It’s about letting go, otherwise the memory becomes a poison that eats away at you. If we go around with the attitude of ‘An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth’. We will end up with the whole world blind and dumb with no ability to solve the problem. As Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that caused it”.
So my question to you all is: “As a parent, relative, a business owner, employee……Are you truly reaching your potential in life????
I want to leave you with this word today ‘Sawubona’. This Zulu greeting, literally means “I see you.” More than words of politeness, sawubona carries the importance of recognising the worth and dignity of each person.
If you are ready to broaden your horizons, invest in yourself and start to change your body and mindset.
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If you upgrade your body and your mindset . How will it influence your family, your co-workers and yourself? The ball is in your court. You are the magician of your future.
Nisha #Mandela
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