I am always being asked about the correct positioning of the spine and pelvis, especially during pilates apparatus and yoga therapy classes. In a nutshell, we are all individual and will have different positioning of our body. The picture below shows a guide to where ‘form has followed function’blog-examprep-100112

We all need what is called ‘tensegrity’, which is where we have some structural tension to hold us up and provide vital stability for the organs tissues and bones. But we also need pliability, flexibility and the ability to move with freedom. If we don’t have optimal axis of rotation in the joints, faulty firing patterns then begin to occur.


This then builds up poor engrams that will carry over to functional activities in life. This encourages degradation of the muscular skeletal system. Movements that begin and end with poor posture will foster muscle imbalance and shorten athletic occupational or recruitment patterns.


To prevent postural degeneration and help restore a normal lumber curve, individuals with a flat back or sway back posture should use a blood pressure cuff or towel when their lumber spine is supine (lying flat on back). The towel roll should be about the thickness and width of the palm of the hand when compressed.




A curve can also be implemented in axial loading (standing) by placing some rock tape on the lumbar area. the taping acts  as a gentle reminder to pop a natural curve in. As previously mentioned one size does not fit all and is best to be assessed rather than guess, so the above is a guideline. Should you want more specific individual information do not hesitate to contact me.



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