Do you want to see change???

This last week I have spoken to numerous prospective clients and prospective Pilates apparatus teachers.

But this is the thing……..

If you want something different in life, you got to be prepared to do something different.

This can be career, body fat, training for a race, becoming pain free,  improving your spine health, reducing anxiety and depression………..

You can argue with me all you want, you can blame me, your circumstances or the people around you…….

But the bottom line is that you are your own story teller……

You are the navigator of your ship……..

By having the informed guidance, a coach and a movement therapist as I also do you are held accountable

I know what I would rather do…….

Nisha (GreatLives)

DM me your email and cell if you are ready to invest in yourself????

In the meantime. Here is three ways I can help you:

1.Join me for my 6-week discovery face to face private and semi-private course. Taking you through the fundamentals of movement on all the apparatus. You will build mobility and flexibility using the tower, Core strength using the reformer and traction of the major joints using the Garuda sling. DM your email and #6weekdiscovery

  1. Access over 250 sequences using Pilates, yoga, functional movement with our Online TV Channel: ‘The Art of Pilates’. Sign up here:
  2. Claim your free back-care class recording. DM your email and #Freebackcareclass