Don’t wait for the approval of others to change.

This thinking and belief system comes from the archetype ‘the eternal child’.

We are conditioned to get the approval of schooling, parents, religion, governments and our peer group.

People tell me they want to improve their movement, reduce their chronic pain, decrease inflammation, get stronger, improve core stability, have more energy, improve relationships….

Yet they wait for the people around them to change first.

As responsible adults we must change ourselves first in order to change others. This can be as a parent, partner, boss, employee and so on……

Talk is cheap, your actions are your habits, and your daily choices shout louder than ever.

The thing is it is hard to do it by yourself and without the right tools in your toolbox.

Train with someone who is either doing it or has done it. Invest in someone you would like to rise too.

Serious about changing your body and mindset for the future??


Then find someone who holds you accountable and teaches you how to think instead of what to think….


DM me your email and cell if you are ready to invest in yourself????

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