I have just had the pleasure of chatting with Richard Attwood (nickname Dickie).  Richard “Dickie” Attwood competed in 17 World Championship Grand Prix, racing for Lotus, Cooper and BRM; he also won the 1970 24h Le Mans.  I asked him what his biggest attribute has been in his life. He said winning the F1 formula junior Monaco Grand Prix in 1963.

Even though you are not a racing driver, you are a winner. The stories and challenges that you share with me at the studio puts you in first place. You may be a father, mother, friend, brother, sister, boss, employee, partner and so on. We must acknowledge “Most Improved”, “Hardest Worker”, “Most Dedicated”, ”Most Passionate, ‘Most Empathic’ or ‘Most Compassionate’  awards so everyone can feel like they’ve accomplished something in their lives. We all need purpose, goals, dreams and legacy in life. Gandhi gave the blind, deaf and dumb various jobs, such as  weaving, spinning and pottery so that all had a sense of giving to the planet and being part of a tribe and network. As Psychiatrist Gerry Welsch  said: “ When we have a big enough dream, we don’t have a crisis.”

Lesson 1: Winning isn’t an action; it’s a lifestyle

First of all, let us clarify what winning really means. It is much more of a lifestyle, rather than an action. Winners do not always succeed, just like everybody else. However, their attitude and mindset make them come out on top eventually. So being a winner is all about cultivating winning habits and a positive mindset, which helps not only you but also the people that are around you. As I always say there are no winners and losers but rather, winners and learners.

For example, you can easily list a few habits you would rather associate with losers, than with winners, like beating yourself up mentally, smoking, procrastinating, being lazy/wasting your time, and always being worried about the future.  To become a winner, go ahead and strive for the better in order to remove those decaying habits and replace them with the winning ones, like exercising regularly, managing your time well, taking up a side project, staying very positive, enjoying your leisure time to the fullest and yes, eating well. This will make your own life a whole lot better and you will inspire others to become winners as well.

Lesson 2: Losers let things happen, winners make things happen

“I guess I will just see what happens.” How many times have you said this or heard a friend say the same? Do you feel powerless rather powerful? Victim archetype is when we always blame someone else. As soon as we say ”I feel” we give our power away.

This very sentence is like a signed-up agreement to hand over the controls for your life to someone else. The people who just intend to “wait and see” end up letting things go by and happen, as opposed to the winners, who make such things happen. When you let other people decide what happens for you, you will end up being frustrated and bitter, because none of the things you wanted ever came true because you did not implement them and work towards them in the first place.

Winners have this crazy and concrete belief that they are in charge of their life. Yes, of course, there is always luck involved in everything we do. So, stop being a complete bystander and spectator in your own life. Take the matters of your life into your own hands and you will feel a true sense of control, like that of a full-blown winner.

Lesson 3: Winners end up winning in every aspect of life

The best part of being a winner is that you win everywhere at any cost.

Winners are complete people, meaning winning ripples through their entire life. They aren’t independent of the world, and because they see the big picture, they win at home, at work, at hobbies basically wherever they do go. The works of Byron Katy teach you how to say ‘Thank you’ for every situation. This is not about saying that the behaviour of the person was right. It’s about seeing what you have learnt and what you have become. Do things happen to you or for you?

Winners won’t always have a winning team, for example, a family that is full of winners as well. You will respect and love your family, and always look out for the people you do business with, to make sure they benefit from you by doing business with them. Winners are always fully aware of themselves and more importantly their time. They know how they tick and how fast time ticks away, so they are usually very present in the moment.

Instead of dwelling on past mistakes, they learn from them and practically move on, so they can enjoy the happy moments in the present. They are not worried about the future or their death for that matter, because they understand life is quite short and that they still must follow their own roadmap.

Your mind is evidently your most useful tool in achieving your goals.  As above so is below.

Nisha “Winner”

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