“The mind when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power’ – Joseph Pilates.

The method of movement that you all know me for is: ‘Pilates’. The whole purpose of movement is to provide the body an environment in which it can heal itself from dis-ease and disconnection.

We can all transform our pain into freedom with the right tools.

The phrase: “As above, so below” is an ancient quote to describe the idea that what happens in a higher realm or plane of existence also happens in a lower realm. It comes from an ancient piece of writing called: ‘The Emerald Tablet’. The whole purpose of life is to love ourselves so we can then be in love with the world. So that when we do die and leave our physical body (please don’t forget the soul lives on), we leave the planet a better place. What a way to go!

If your body is not healthy, your emotions and your mind will reflect this too. If the mind it not healthy, it will mirror in the body, and if the body is not healthy it is mirrored in the mind. Our minds become limited by our bodies health. If you are a private client of mine, you will of done Paul Cheks zone exercises with me. When we do these moves it causes subtle energies to flow through the chakra systems and also pump fluid and hormones to our brain, heart and solar plexus. These are known as biological oscillators. The flow states of the body bring coherence, which in turn creates balance and equanimity. An optimal body is achieved through diet, lifestyle and the four doctors ( Dr.Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr Happy & Dr.Movement).

Below is one of Paul Chek’s images, take a close look at the body and how it goes from inflamed and disorderly to tall, strong and lean.

Image form Paul Chek

“The man who uses intelligence with respect to his diet, his sleeping habits and who exercises properly, is beyond any question of doubt taking the very best preventive medicines provided so freely and abundantly by nature” – Joseph Pilates

We all have amazing skills and talents and in particular intuition (6th sense). However we seldomly use our intuitive skills to their full potential or even attempt to develop our 6thsense . The 3rd eye (6th sense/chakra) correlates to the eyes, base of the skull, the pituary gland( regulates hormones) and the nose and sinuses. When those are in balance we can: ‘See beyond’.

Two examples of seeing beyond is when someone tells you something and you know it’s not true. Or they try and sell you something and you know its not right. This would be clair-voyance, claire sentient is the ability to feel the truth, and clair-audience is the ability to hear beyond. The problem with those who have amazing clairvoyant abilities, many will have discrepancies in other areas.

There are many documented scientific research papers depicting our ability in that we all have special intuitive qualities. Also many research papers show how animals such as dogs can sense their owner landing by plane back into the country. When we are deeply in love or connected with someone, we can feel them call even before they do. Or perhaps we we rethinking of them and they show up.

Imbalances in the 6th chakra can relate to headaches, poor vision, glaucoma and also can be linked to brain dysfunction. Our brain lives off our blood and our blood contains whatever we are eating. This is where gut brain and the relation of the third chakra to the 6th chakra connect. Everything in the body is truly interconnected. When we become narrow minded, we don’t have the insight to look beyond.

We all need to go deep within ourselves to find our goal, dream, legacy and then envisage where we are going. Without balance and purpose the body will always respond with some sort of discomfort. This should be the push for us to change and embark on our own hero’s journey.

Social programming and the constraints of life can leave us in limited beliefs. Firing up our imagination and finding creativity like Albert Einstein is truly using the 6th chakra to its full potential. Being insightful, wise and open to new opportunities and ways of doing things is the way forward.

“It is the mind that shapes the body” – Joseph Pilates


Paul Chek