“An Indian man leads with his belly”- Old housewife saying.

“An Indian man leads with his belly”- Old housewife saying.

“An Indian man leads with his belly” is a saying that i have grown up with. Indians like many cultures like to take a morning and evening walk before and after the intense heat of the day. Pictured above is Mahatma Gandhi taking his morning walk.

The belly can be most definitely seen as leading the way in so many people. As Indians move away from their metabolic typing and traditional food to more processed, fast food and sugar, the belly becomes larger and larger plus immense weight gain. The people are moving away from traditional cooking plus the use of ghee in cooking because they think it is linked to their high cholesterol.

The belly arrives in the form of belly fat, bloating and visceroptosis. Visceroptosis is a condition in which the abdominal organs fall to a lower part of the abdomen. The internal organs can be compressed and displaced by poor posture, the enlarging womb of pregnancy, and a variety of other factors. Indian social forums blame the belly on early marriages, not enough exercise and too much sedentary work, which is all true but its the diet which is key. Of course advertising and marketing are always selling quick fixes and gimmicks but this really will not work.

Of course this is not just India I have seen it around the world from monks to my regular clients and both in men and women.

So whats going on in the body?

Well the core is actually your entire torso, including internal organs. So many people just think of the extremities as muscles. The extremities rely on the core for stabilisation and I teach the core as Joe Pilates did in his original method with the ability to move with arms and legs in tandem. Just look at any footballer in mid air and you can see this straight away.

Liverpool FC 1967 players in mid air core connection with extremities.

Ronaldo connecting his extremities with core mid air.

The core provides a protective shield  for your spinal cord and internal organs.The organs should move like seaweed with natural rhythm and flow and this can be enhanced with daily exercise or movement. When this is challenged through poor lifestyle and food choices we develop colon and bad toilet habits and our waste function is truly challenged. The deep abdominal wall (TVA) is ideally suited to perform a girdle like supportive structure. The dreaded paunched belly that i talk about earlier comes from many ill effects of a dysfunctional abdominal wall.

Organs actually talk to muscles and areas often body through neural reflexes. So this is what when you enquire to me for back pain i must talk to you first to see if their are vital signs that you have not mentioned like menstrual pain, sciatica, bladder problems, prostrate and incontinence that will effect the surrounding tissues.


Think this could be you? Get in touch if you want to see your toes again and also gain strength and support in your system.


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About the Author:

Nisha is a certified level 3 Chek practitioner and holistic lifestyle coach specialising in Pilates and Yoga. Her journey started when a visiting Laban teacher introduced her to Pilates at Dance College in a contemporary class during her first year. Its effects were forgotten but she then re-discovered Pilates through Michael King eleven years later whilst running her dance school. Her background spans over 32 years with formal training in classical ballet, modern dance, tap, national choreography, stage production and theatre. Her formation includes Pilates, Thai bodywork, Yoga, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Garuda and anatomical studies. Her particular interest is fascia, and the connective lines and movement patterns that allow a full moving structure rather than the isolation of bones and muscles. Her fascination with questioning the traditions of modern medicine and fascination with searching for meaningful answers has taken her in many different directions and has offered her an abundance of opportunities gaining a wealth of knowledge. “I tried many movement modalities and extended my search after experiencing fascia, because of its connection of movement. Quickly, I noticed my own body changing, as well as the bodies of my own clients. In the last 32 years of teaching I’ve developed my own movement and lifestyle philosophy". Throughout her studies Nisha has done numerous dissections with Julian Baker, Mel Cash and Cery Davies and has the opportunity to take lectures and courses from James de Silva, Robert Schleip, Joanne Avison, Tom Myers, Matt Wallden, Leigh Brandon, Emma Lane, Gary Carter, Paul Chek, Dan Hellman, Peter Blackaby plus many more. Nisha's teaching method promotes reflective self-discovery and provides the requirements to integrate a shift in consciousness for attaining individual goals. Nisha teaches in her own studios in St. Helens and Manchester, plus she also has an online following. Throughout her career she has also taught Sting, Sir Ian McKellen, Cirque de Soleil, Will Young and Belinda Carlisle. She has also worked in professional football and both Rugby League and Union for over 20 years. Players she has provided a specific program for were former Manchester Citys Vincent Kompany, Everton's Steven Pinnear and goal keeper Jonas Lossi. She maintains that an attitude of compassion, consistency and joyous humour are excellent components to growth and expanded potential. She welcomes all level of movers from the beginner to the seasoned athlete who have a desire to increase their skill potential, also teachers and students. Her specialties include assisting post rehabilitative back pain individuals, injury prevention for athletes and spine health for everyday people.


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