Hats off to our client Simon Rimmer – Simon is presently taking the grueling challenge of BBC Strictly Come Dancing.

Like Pilates, everyone thinks Ballroom and Latin are easy. They are not I did this at dance college myself, it’s athletic in every way. Sports personalities such as Football ace Jermaine Defoe and boxing legend Mohammed Ali daughter Laila have taken part and compared the rehearsals leading up to the stamina of Sports training.


Staying in top form mentally and physically is hard work and this is where subtle difference’s like Pilates apparatus helps both mentally and physically.


The Pilates method (or as Joseph Pilates called it, “Contrology”) of body conditioning is an exercise system of controlled and systematic movements coupled with focused breathing patterns engaging your body, mind, and spirit. focused on improving flexibility, strength, and balance for the total body.

Simon-Rimmer-Strictly-launch-tThe Pilates method of body conditioning yields numerous benefits. Strength, flexibility and stability, coordination, improved posture, balance, and core strength are all remarkably increased. Bone density, lung function, blood circulation, and joint health improve, and individuals gain experiences in positive body awareness and self-embodiment. The Pilates method teaches balance and control of the entire body, and that capacity spills over in ones everyday existence, improving a person’s quality of life.

The Six Key Principles Of The Pilates Method

1. Centering
The main focus point of the method. All the work starts from and is sustained through the Center. Joseph Pilates called this center the “Powerhouse”.
2. Concentration
To fully benefit from the workout with the exercises are executed with focused concentration. It is the mind that guides the body. Five aspects of the mind are brought into the workout. Those aspects are intelligence, intuition, imagination, will, and memory.
3. Control
When the work is done from the center and with full concentration, you are in control of the movements performed. Habit and gravity do not take over. Joseph Pilates called his Method “Contrology”, the art of control.
4. Precision
Work with quality instead of quantity. The exercises were designed with a precise goal in mind, and one must pay the utmost attention to details. All exercises have a clear structure, a precise form, and an optimal dynamic.
5. Breath
All exercises are done with the rhythm of the breath and heartbeat. Inhale on the point of the effort to send fresh oxygen to the muscles when they most need it. Exhale, wringing all the stale air out of the lungs.
6. Flow
The full workout is a flowing succession of exercises performed with vigorous dynamics. There is a minimum of movement, especially in the transitions, for a maximum flow.

Incorporating all six principals into your workout is the ultimate goal to achieve maximum benefit and efficiency.