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Are you really training your core/powerhouse/bandhas/centre of whatever you want to call it?

As you know I teach and practice holistic lifestyle and Pilates, and I will often use the word core, even though I will say that in isolation the individual muscles will do nothing. However this is where the understanding of the full method of  pilates apparatus and the body comes from. If you take class [...]

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The five shocking truths about pilates studio finances

This is my experience of running Pilates apparatus studios in the Northwest UK and teaching worldwide after 30 years. Most private studios that I know of “bought themselves a business,” including myself at times. I have learnt the hard way, thus meaning the pricing was never graded right for clients, staff, the overheads of commercial [...]

How to deliver an amazing Pilates class

The teacher You cannot teach movement if the movement itself is not in your body. So you may not have the flexibility, core strength or right body type to achieve the full posture, but do your best to have an understanding and know a modification to demonstrate. Make sure you know your subject – You would [...]

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Did you know??????

DID YOU KNOW?????? That I once was overweight and lost two jobs because of it (Falklands islands and cabin crew). I was full of cystic acne, had chronic knee pain, lower back pain and considered a bust reduction……….. This is the truth, I thought that the advice I was getting from all the different people [...]

Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time……

So Joseph Pilates was definitely ahead of his time............... UUURGGGHHH have we progressed or regressed??? We should be in control of our bodies, not at it's mercy. As any medical person true to their oath will tell you. No medicine will ever replace the foundations of diet and lifestyle. Thus meaning foundation principles of life: [...]

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