Every cigarette contains half a teaspoon of sugar

 Did you know that every cigarette contains half a teaspoon of sugar Talk to any smoker and they will usually agree that it's not the best for their health. Then what is it and why is that some can give up and make change and others stay stuck in a rut. Did you know that [...]

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Breathing Part 3 – The 4 Diaphragms

Have you heard the term ‘The three diaphragms?’ Well we actually have four main ones in total – the cranial, cervical, thoracic, and the pelvic diaphragm. I have actually seen literature talking about five, six, seven and eight diaphragms.They come together in all movement particularly on inhalation and exhalation when the pressure is transmitted through [...]

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Breathing – Part 2

Breathing - Part 2 The abdominals as well as the diaphragm play an important role in respiration. The abdomen can be likened to a liquid filled, flexible container, which can change its shape but not its volume (i.e. is non compressible). In contrast, the thorax can be compared to a gas filled container, which can [...]

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Breathing – Part 1

Breathing This is one of the most basic functions in life, then why is it that most of us are breathing incorrectly? Do you know that many of us are breathing too fast, with short sharp shallow sharp bursts? Breathing affects the PH balance of the body; it’s the primary function of the diaphragm. Stress [...]

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Abdominal Tone & Breathing Most of the population are manipulated by media images of perfect abdominal tone. Fitness gimmicks show us tight abdominals that look aesthetically desirable. We therefore have a nation of people who go around holding their tummy constantly tight, this causes breathing dysfunctions and has long term negative affects on the body. Our abdominals are [...]

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