The Supple & Somatic Leopard Anatomy in movement CPD

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  • Teachers are you looking for NEW ideas for your pilates mat-work or yoga classes?
  • Perhaps your a physio or manual therapist looking to give some different perspectives?
  • Are you loosing clients because they are not really getting what they need to feel and see results?
  • Teachers you will need to stand out from the crowd by being different, get the edge!
Leopards symbolise strength, power, courage, and determination. Leopard spirit animals can also teach us the importance of being resourceful and mindful of our surroundings. Today we use a combination of embryological ancestry, developmental patterns, pilates , yoga and manual rehabilitation techniques to find space, breath, awareness and to work with gravity in relation the mind and body .

We invite you to find:

Sthira refers to stability, intent, and strength. Etymologically it arises from the root stha, which means “to stand, to be firm”.
Sukha refers to comfort, ease, and openness, and the literal meaning is “good space,” from the root words su (good) and kha (space).
The concept of Sthira and Sukha in yogic philosophy alludes to exactly that; the polarized yet completely balanced nature of life. These two concepts are found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a collection of 196 Sutras (aphorisms) on the theory and practice of yoga. The sutra that refers to these terms is sutra 2.46 – “sthira-sukham asanam”. This sentence can be roughly translated as “postures should be stable and comfortable”, and it is also often reworded as the balance between “effort” and “ease.”

Rather than force your body into fight and flight, we will encourage and lead nay invitation or when the body is ready. This is ideal for reprogramming pain with rehab clients and ineffective firing patterns in professional sports clients.

The central nervous system, breath and body mind connection cannot be separated. As above so is below. We will look at the path of emotion and belief system in movement.

Mats and Pilates apparatus (including reformer) will be used as I guide you through a myriad of mindset and movement.

This anatomy in movement CPD is ideal for both movement and manual therapists.

You will take away a wealth of ideas, sequencing and repertoire suitable for both one to one and group programing

When: Sunday 4th February

Where: Pilates Manchester, Cadman House, 2 Wharf rd, Sale, Manchester, M33 2AF (Plenty of free parking). Tram stop 2 minutes walk –

Time: 10-5pm

Breakdown – Part 1 – 10am-1pm, 1pm-2pm sharing food circle, Part 2 – 2-5pm.

Cost: £145

CPD : 6 points – To find out more click here

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