Spinal revolution & biotensegrity

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Tensegrity models are key because their physical behaviour is similar to living tissues in many ways. Bio means life, so adding human emotion, experience and character behind every move gives a different perspective on the tissues.  Biotensegrity is different because it examines the basic rules of physics first and recognises that everything else must be derived from them, thus representing a paradigm shift in the way that we think about the human body. Our workshop looks at the whole body in relation to the spine, thus showing that interconnectedness between every part of the organism is essential to generate a proper understanding of its functions and health.

We are holistic human beings because the nature of connective tissues is that it maintains separation as much as it creates connection.  “Everything in nature has its own vibrational frequency and elastic quality and biotensegrity represents the dynamic reciprocal elasticity inherent to life” Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP. This course looks at body mapping and movement in relation to spinal pathologies.  We also look also at tension – compression, pressure – spacing, gravity and fluidity, reaction and response.  Joints, connective tissue and discs may contribute to the pain symptoms in clients. We will look at the fluidity and elasticity of movement to help this.

“Absolutely essential for yoga / pilates teachers – so much information in a format that can be used immediately. The group size is excellent, excellent value for money.”

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